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  • Journeyman Electrician
  • Master Electrician
  • Interprovincial Red Seal
  • Participated in writing and reviewing the new Red Seal Examination in 2011.
  • Contributed to the review and development of the Red Seal Standard in 2013


Brian’s career as an electrician began in 1976 and has taken him throughout the western provinces and northern territories. He has worked mainly on medium to large commercial projects such as office buildings, single to multi-level schools, shopping centres and recreation facilities.

Brian’s industrial work includes ten years wiring new concrete grain elevators. He has also worked on single and multi-unit residential projects, completing the work from start to finish on many systems, including the main service, Fire Alarm Data, phone, power and lighting systems.

The variety of buildings and broad scope of projects that Brian works on continually develops his skills and expands his knowledge base.

Favourite Project to Date

A larger size aircraft hangar built from the ground up had the basic electrical components, but also had some unique equipment. An example was a fine suppression unit that would put out a jet in seconds and was triggered by a cable that was strung high above the floor. Although it was simple electrically, it was Brian’s favorite project because it was stress free.

“The general contractor on-site, the superintendent, was an incredibly accommodating individual that would do anything in his power to help us get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. He helped in achieving the ultimate goal of turning the building over to the client on time. I also had the great fortune of working with other pleasant individuals on that jobsite.”

– Brian Bodnaruk

Most Challenging Project to Date

Brian’s most challenging project was without a doubt the Yellowknife Airport, where he was the supervising electrician from start to finish. The job involved underground power and phone conduits, renovation work, new construction and relocating of existing services including power, lighting, and fire alarm data.

“There was a lot of preplanning involved as the airport was functioning normally throughout the entire project. Coordinating shutdowns with the tenants and moving them in the required timeframe had to be planned down to every detail. The conveyor and x-ray system was a big challenge because the motors and controls were mounted in very difficult positions and took serious thinking to get to them.” – Brian Bodnaruk

The Project I Have Learned Most From

While on a project in Saskatchewan, the person Brian was working under took a sudden leave. At the time Brian had little experience in the field, and had to choose whether to leave the site or do his best to get it done.

Brian was now the leader of eight electricians. After consulting with those more experienced, he came up with a game plan. There were no drawings showing how many wires or cables went to certain locations, so they had to count the various motors limits and control devices themselves and take them to the control room PLC cabinet. Brian’s decision to stay and assume responsibility for the project led to it being successfully completed on time.

“After ten months, I left that site a tremendously more confident tradesperson. I learned that if you want to, it’s possible to achieve much more than you realize.”

– Brian Bodnaruk

Goal as a Director

Brian would like to see each and every employee at DT Electric Ltd. become the best they can possibly be by learning from him and others in the organization.

“The more confident they become in themselves and in all aspects of our trade, we as a team will become better prepared to handle everything from small projects to large ones, and become the go-to electrical contractor in the North.”

– Brian Bodnaruk

The Government of the Northwest Territories has developed a set of standards called “Good Building Practices for Northern Facilities” for specific systems and components. DT Electric Ltd. is experienced and knowledgeable in all these practices and will work diligently to ensure they are applied to your facility.

DT Electric Ltd. specializes in Northern Arctic construction and provides services in Nunavut.

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