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  • Interprovincial Red Seal Journeyman Electrician
  • First Aid
  • Scissor Lift Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Course
  • Fall Arrest
  • Participated in writing and reviewing the new Red Seal exam in 2011


Brennen is a true northerner, born and raised in Yellowknife. He began his electrical career right out of high school, finishing the apprenticeship program in June of 2008. Brennen worked as an electrician for a local company and then as an airport electrician before joining DTE in 2013.

Favorite Project to Date

A combined services building that was a big 11-bay shop involving different electrical systems. The building housed firefighters, mechanics and equipment operators. The crew consisted of 8 people, with 5 of them working on scissor lifts in the ceilings.
“My favorite part of any project is in the electrical/mechanical room, where you tie all your systems together (generator, CDP, MCC, capacitor bank, transformers, etc.). Stepping back and seeing the cleanliness of the installation is what motivates me.” – Brennen Gagnon

Most Challenging Project to Date

The Kalemi Ndilo School

Brennen’s first project as a journeyman was architecturally designed, and presented a unique challenge. 
“We had to make sure that all our electrical conduits were complete in the concrete slab before it was poured or else we would not have a route for electrical afterwards.” – Brennen Gagnon

Project I Have Learned Most From

First floor renovations of the YK Medical Centre

Working on this project was like working on two buildings at once because of a lobby that separated the area. Systems had to be installed into both sides, including x-ray machines, which had to be integrated with existing fire alarms on the other floors, as well as transformers, panels, and the security system itself. 
“To try to find routes for all the electrical systems while the building was still in operation was a challenge. We completed it successfully.” – Brennen Gagnon

Goal as a Director

To help build an organization that provides great service and gives back to the community, with staff that get a lot out of working in the organization, are happy and want to be involved in the community as well.

The Government of the Northwest Territories has developed a set of standards called “Good Building Practices for Northern Facilities” for specific systems and components. DT Electric Ltd. is experienced and knowledgeable in all these practices and will work diligently to ensure they are applied to your facility.

DT Electric Ltd. specializes in Northern Arctic construction and provides services in Nunavut.

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